Megan VanWormer, Class of 2015 by Hannah Harley

3V2A8185LOGOMeet Megan! We did her shoot yesterday during one of those rare days when it didn't even think of raining. She followed me around downtown Pittsburgh in 5 inch heels with impressive coordination. If you're not impressed about people walking in high heels for extended periods of time, you absolutely should be. It's ridiculously difficult. Aside from being extremely talented at enduring the pain of heels, she loves art (yay!!!) and is planning on going into sports medicine. She's got a smattering of interests that have gotten her a such a delightful variety of friends. Again, you should be impressed. Hanging out with people that are different than you and people that help keep your spark for something (like art or sports) going strong... That's awesome.

Thank you, Megan, for the enjoyable shoot and embarrassing stories about your brother! It was a hoot to spend Sunday evening with you all!

Congratulations and good luck!!! :)










Dalton Bright, 2013 IHS Graduate by Hannah Harley

You know the phrase, "Better late than never"? Well, with the craziness that is summer (yes, yes, it can be crazy!), Dalton and I just got around to doing his senior pictures (and I just got around to blogging them!). He got his graduate pictures done, so we were able to do some photos in his cap and gown!

After a pretty intense stint with IHS' drama department, he is attending IUP in the fall, majoring in theater. Familiar face? He has starred in many, manyyyy shows. He even went to Scotland with IHS' drama department for the Fringe festival!! So yeah, he is internationally recognizable!

Glad we could get the photo session in, Dalton! Good luck in college! (Break a leg!!)




Brooke Ruffner, 2014 IHS Senior by Hannah Harley

  If you've looked through the blog posts or like Hannah Harley Photography, you can tell that I have been pretty busy this past week. I am very excited to get to Brooke's blog post.

Due to a scheduling conflict, we decided to do the nature part of her session in the mid afternoon and the urban part in the evening. When I picked my favorites from the shoots, I realized I had only gone through half of them! It is often a struggle for me to pick my favorites!

Anyway, Brooke rockedddd it! She knew what she wanted, how she wanted to look, but of course, she wasn't too pushy and let me have just the right amount of creative control. So we were able to capture some shots that were uniquely her (with a little bit of my photographic style). If you read the Indiana Gazette, you've probably read her name as she pitched for IHS' varsity softball team. Keep a look out for her! She might be one of the few athletes IHS produces that goes on to play collegiate ball!

Congratulations, Brooke, and enjoy senior year! (And rest your shoulder for a little bit-- you'll need it once you get to college!! :) )

Paul Kane, 2014 IHS Senior by Hannah Harley

Blog readers -- Meet Paul!

I know Paul from IHS and from our many musical similarities (such as IHS' very popular musicals!). If he looks familiar, you've probably seen him starring on IHS' stage. This year, he sang and danced his way through the lead and a very academically challenging junior year. He's not just wind pipes with a musical inclination, he took three AP classes this year (THREE) and let's just say he is looking forward to a less intense senior year. :)

Good luck, Paul! Enjoy your senior year; it fliesssss by!


Side note: We actually cancelled this session in the middle of it because it was raining. Luckily, it was just a quick thing and we hurried back to finish it up! :)

Patrick Gregg, 2014 IHS Senior by Hannah Harley

Since today is Patrick's birthday, I figured I'd have to get his blog post up so I could properly wish him a happy, happy birthday!! (Plus, I get to share some images, and who doesn't like that? :) )

You haven't seen Patrick on my blog before, but he has been an awesome help to me this summer! I was approached to film a wedding two weeks before the wedding took place, and Patrick lent me all sorts of equipment and knowledge that helped me get through the day. He even offered to edit the footage and make it into a fantastic video!! It isn't done yet, but as soon as it is, I will share a teaser trailer with you guys (courtesy of Patrick). Among his many film talents, he plays saxophone and a not pictured bassoon. (And if you know me, I was fortunate enough to play bassoon for five years).

He's looking to continue his passion for film in college, and he begins the college admission process soon! He is currently in pre production mode (any film makers out there??) for his short film, which will help him get into his dream college! Patrick, thank you so much for your help! I am so glad I get to return the favor! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :)




Laura Werner, 2014 IHS Senior by Hannah Harley

Today, Laura Werner makes her debut on the blog!! If you remember yesterday, it was pretty rainy, but we managed to get this session in during the morning before that troublesome storm! We did this shoot at her parents' house, and it was a great place for it!! Laura is planning on attending Penn State next year (WE ARE!!). She's hoping to be a K-2 teacher. And did you know that that is actually one of the most important times for child development? It is actually when students develop their work ethic, as encouraged by their parents and teachers! So, Laura, make those kids work hard! If Laura looks familiar, you've probably seen her in a couple of IHS' popular musicals or maybe it was marching away with IHS' Marching Band! Either way, I am sure you'll see her as she finishes her stint at IHS in a very involved way!

Congratulations, Laura! Have a fun senior year! :)


Holli Sottile, 2014 IHS Senior by Hannah Harley

This is a little strange for me, I will admit. I know I am just a couple years older than Holli, but the "I remember when" stories just keep coming! We played softball together not just at IHS, but also during the summer. We traveled to tournament after tournament with Kaitlyn Palmer (see her photos here: and a bunch of awesome girls. We certainly didn't win every game, but boyyyy we made a LOT of memories! (And ate a lot of snacks thanks to some pretty savvy parents!) And we spent hours on hours on hours in the car traveling to the practices and the games. It's crazy that Holli, the youngest girl on our old summer ball team, is going to be graduating high school! Time flies!!

Good luck, Holli, wherever you choose to go to school! I'm sure you will do well :) Enjoy your senior year -- it flies by!

Sam Zirebwa, 2013 IHS Senior by Hannah Harley

Today, Sam Zirebwa makes her debut on the blog! We had a BLAST catching up and hanging out! She was a good friend while I was in high school and offered funny insights into my crazy life. Oh the stories we shared! And the work we never accomplished.. Whoopsie!

Sam also has to be one of the more intelligent people I know as she is going to DUKE in the fall! I know she'll do well (especially since she has given me so much awesome advice that she certainly has some wisdom!) :P Sam, thank you so much! I had a BLAST!!

Jayci Drew, 2013 IHS Senior by Hannah Harley

Last week, I photographed Jayci Drew! We were lucky enough to get it in before she went to PSU for a summer semester. She is heading to JAMAICA soon to study abroad at their  research facility for her first semester! How cool is that?? She's majoring in Petroleum Engineering, which I am sure she'll be in high demand! It's always nice to see women in science (I was never particularly good at it, so I'm glad some women are representing us well!) Jayci, I hope you are enjoying PSU and Jamaica!! Here is your blog post! :)


Katie Browe - 2013 IHS Senior by Hannah Harley

Hitting the blog we have Katie Browe!! She is one of my dear friends and recently graduated IHS! She'll be attending the Robert E. Cook Honors college in the fall, majoring in Secondary Math Education. I was never very good at math, and I am glad this girl is getting into it! I'm sure she'll be an AMAZING teacher, just as she is a friend! She is quite enthusiastic, sweet, and loyal to all her friends, and I am so grateful that she let me photograph her! :) Congratulations on your graduation, Katie! I see bright things in your future!!!

Aaron Jones by Hannah Harley

This strapping young man is Aaron Jones, a man of faith, lover of Glee, and the owner of one of the heartiest laughs I've ever encountered! Aaron has one of the most incredible work ethics; he works two jobs AND goes to school full time. With a work ethic like that, I know he'll be successful in whatever he does! On top of all he does, he still finds time to be a loyal friend; there if you ever need him. I am honored to take his photos and I think we got the look he was going for! As you can see, this guy can WORK it in front of a camera!! :)






Emily Lauber -- 2013 IHS Senior by Hannah Harley

Up on the blog today, we have Emily Lauber!! She's graduating from IHS in less than a month, which is exciting! She's going to Arizona State University in the fall, holy moley! (That's a three day drive, she told me) WOW! I live only an hour and a half from home, and I can't even fathom being that far from home. But I know she's an incredible person, and she'll be able to do it (and well!!) :)

When she grows up, she's going to design and build environmentally friendly infastructure in third world countries (specifically South and Latin America). WOAH. And it's not like this girl isn't familiar with the art side of things. She's been the stage manager in a lot (A LOT) of shows at Indiana Area High School. Basically, she's an all around academic star! She loves birthdays, bubbles, and now, the Sundevils!

Just make sure you don't give her a pitchfork for graduation -- She needs forks!! Hahaha :P Sundevils joke!





Kaitlyn Palmer -- 2013 IHS Senior by Hannah Harley

Everyone... Meet the stunning Kaitlyn Palmer! She had me do a senior session with her in time for her graduation announcements (which will be sent out in the mail soon, I expect!)

I've known Kaitlyn for several years, ever since we started playing softball together (even before that I expect!). She is quite the athlete and was able to play volleyball, basketball, and softball during her high school career. And on top of that, she has been involved in many other extracurriculars while not failing school! She's not only an all around athlete and student, but she also loves ALL kinds of music -- anything between rap and country!

She'll be going to IUP this fall. She'll play volleyball and peruse something in the medical field, so she'll be running around the College of Natural Science and Math at IUP!

We had a FANTASICALLY FUN session! We were able to laugh and generally run around having a wonderful time while taking photos. She is a hoot!! Even though her car battery died (because we were jamming... Whoopsie!), we had a GREAT time. I was so glad we got to hang out; we certainly had a blast! :)

Congratulations on your graduation, Kaitlyn! I know you'll do wonderfully at IUP!!