Holli Sottile, 2014 IHS Senior / by Hannah Harley

This is a little strange for me, I will admit. I know I am just a couple years older than Holli, but the "I remember when" stories just keep coming! We played softball together not just at IHS, but also during the summer. We traveled to tournament after tournament with Kaitlyn Palmer (see her photos here: http://www.hannahharleyphotography.com/2013/05/27/kaitlyn-palmer/) and a bunch of awesome girls. We certainly didn't win every game, but boyyyy we made a LOT of memories! (And ate a lot of snacks thanks to some pretty savvy parents!) And we spent hours on hours on hours in the car traveling to the practices and the games. It's crazy that Holli, the youngest girl on our old summer ball team, is going to be graduating high school! Time flies!!

Good luck, Holli, wherever you choose to go to school! I'm sure you will do well :) Enjoy your senior year -- it flies by!