Emily Lauber -- 2013 IHS Senior / by Hannah Harley

Up on the blog today, we have Emily Lauber!! She's graduating from IHS in less than a month, which is exciting! She's going to Arizona State University in the fall, holy moley! (That's a three day drive, she told me) WOW! I live only an hour and a half from home, and I can't even fathom being that far from home. But I know she's an incredible person, and she'll be able to do it (and well!!) :)

When she grows up, she's going to design and build environmentally friendly infastructure in third world countries (specifically South and Latin America). WOAH. And it's not like this girl isn't familiar with the art side of things. She's been the stage manager in a lot (A LOT) of shows at Indiana Area High School. Basically, she's an all around academic star! She loves birthdays, bubbles, and now, the Sundevils!

Just make sure you don't give her a pitchfork for graduation -- She needs forks!! Hahaha :P Sundevils joke!