Patrick Gregg, 2014 IHS Senior / by Hannah Harley

Since today is Patrick's birthday, I figured I'd have to get his blog post up so I could properly wish him a happy, happy birthday!! (Plus, I get to share some images, and who doesn't like that? :) )

You haven't seen Patrick on my blog before, but he has been an awesome help to me this summer! I was approached to film a wedding two weeks before the wedding took place, and Patrick lent me all sorts of equipment and knowledge that helped me get through the day. He even offered to edit the footage and make it into a fantastic video!! It isn't done yet, but as soon as it is, I will share a teaser trailer with you guys (courtesy of Patrick). Among his many film talents, he plays saxophone and a not pictured bassoon. (And if you know me, I was fortunate enough to play bassoon for five years).

He's looking to continue his passion for film in college, and he begins the college admission process soon! He is currently in pre production mode (any film makers out there??) for his short film, which will help him get into his dream college! Patrick, thank you so much for your help! I am so glad I get to return the favor! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :)