Kaitlyn Palmer -- 2013 IHS Senior / by Hannah Harley

Everyone... Meet the stunning Kaitlyn Palmer! She had me do a senior session with her in time for her graduation announcements (which will be sent out in the mail soon, I expect!)

I've known Kaitlyn for several years, ever since we started playing softball together (even before that I expect!). She is quite the athlete and was able to play volleyball, basketball, and softball during her high school career. And on top of that, she has been involved in many other extracurriculars while not failing school! She's not only an all around athlete and student, but she also loves ALL kinds of music -- anything between rap and country!

She'll be going to IUP this fall. She'll play volleyball and peruse something in the medical field, so she'll be running around the College of Natural Science and Math at IUP!

We had a FANTASICALLY FUN session! We were able to laugh and generally run around having a wonderful time while taking photos. She is a hoot!! Even though her car battery died (because we were jamming... Whoopsie!), we had a GREAT time. I was so glad we got to hang out; we certainly had a blast! :)

Congratulations on your graduation, Kaitlyn! I know you'll do wonderfully at IUP!!