Special Portraitures

Katie Davis by Hannah Harley

I was happy enough to use my talents to repay a dear friend!! She did my make up and hair for the musicals (because I can't do a French Twist!) and when she approached me about having me take some head shots for her, I was happy to be able to return her favor! A great barter!! :)

First off, if you are IN LOVE with her makeup (as it is only natural to be), you'll be happy to know that she does other people's make up! She's quite talented when it comes to making people look their best and you should ABSOLUTELY contact her!! :)


Thank you, Katie, for letting me return the favor!! You're the best!

Caitlin Bidwell by Hannah Harley

Meet Caitlin Bidwell!! If you're wondering where you've seen her, it is probably in my portrait portfolio (see here: http://www.hannahharleyphotography.com/?gallery_page=lightbox&pp_gallery_id=1365373065). She was the first person to have me photograph her outside of my family, so I'll always be grateful to her for that! She was VERY understanding and helpful that first shoot, and I am so glad she let me have another session with her!She is an actress based out of LA and from what I gather.. she is kind of a big deal. I mean, she has an IMBD profile!! (Check it out at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3968388/) You might even recognize one of the photos on the profile!

Despite having a dislocated shoulder, she was able to do a session with me. She seemed to have a good time, despite her shoulder pain. She also preformed in the play a few more times with her dislocated shoudler. Not only is she pretty-- she is tough too!!

A HUGE thank you, Cait, for letting me photograph you! It was, as always, an honor! :)


Allison Smith (and her puppies!) by Hannah Harley

So now you've seen the ADORABLE fluffy friends that Ally has, and aren't that so cute?? They are all full of energy so it was tough to get them all in the same frame without running away. Because we spent a significant time photographing the dogs (and cats!), we didn't have too much time left over to photograph Ally (and since she's at the beach -- tough life! hahah!! We haven't been able to reschedule yet). What we did do, I loved! Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! Not only does she have beautiful eyes, but she also has a generous heart! She's been a dear friend to me for a longggg while! Thank goodness for it! Thank you, Ally, for being SO supportive of this business and of all of my various adventures over the years!


Becky Wilson by Hannah Harley

Today on the blog, we have Miss Becky Wilson, a nursing major at IUP that just finished her freshman year. (Some of you might be wondering, "Why pictures now? Surely this isn't a normal time for people to have professional photos done?" Well, the answer to that, my friends will be coming in a blog post soon! In short, it is ALWAYS a good time to get photos taken!) Back to Becky! She is a long distance runner and works part time. If you know many long distance runners, you know that they say things like, "Ahh just a short 6 miles today. It's my short day." So needless to say, she is a hard worker. Not many people run 6 miles (on an "easy" day) because they all of a sudden started running 6 miles. She worked hard to be able to do it. Anyway, she is an outdoorsy lady so we took these photos at College Lodge. Becky is SUCH a bubbly, happy personality and she laughed nearly the whole time (special thank you to her buddy!). If you know her, I am sure you know that she is a sweet, sweet lady that is all about generosity, kindness, and caring. I'm glad I got to take her photos; just look at her grin!!


Aaron Jones by Hannah Harley

This strapping young man is Aaron Jones, a man of faith, lover of Glee, and the owner of one of the heartiest laughs I've ever encountered! Aaron has one of the most incredible work ethics; he works two jobs AND goes to school full time. With a work ethic like that, I know he'll be successful in whatever he does! On top of all he does, he still finds time to be a loyal friend; there if you ever need him. I am honored to take his photos and I think we got the look he was going for! As you can see, this guy can WORK it in front of a camera!! :)






Coastal Remedy by Hannah Harley

Thursday I photographed the incredibly talented Coastal Remedy. They're an alternative rock band located out of Indiana, PA. They're being interviewed by a magazine and needed a couple promotional photos for it, so they contacted me! You should absolutely check out their great music (and like them on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/ExperienceCoastalRemedy)! Oh and trust me, they're not just guys that play around in their Mom's garage. I played in Jazz Band with three of the four, and they were incredible then. Now, they have honed their skills, and have stunned crowds at Hard Rock Cafe, the Altar Bar, Indiana Theater, MINI Thon, and MANY other cool places. They have a CD, and quite the following. And if you're still reading this.. That means you haven't checked out their Facebook page, and you SHOULD! They're amazingly talented musicians. As for the session, they were absolutely hilarious the entire time. Some of their jokes had me laughing so hard that I couldn't even take a photo! I had tears from laughing so hard!! I cannot thank the guys enough for hanging out with me, and letting me take some pictures of you guys! It was an absolute blast!! :)