Coastal Remedy / by Hannah Harley

Thursday I photographed the incredibly talented Coastal Remedy. They're an alternative rock band located out of Indiana, PA. They're being interviewed by a magazine and needed a couple promotional photos for it, so they contacted me! You should absolutely check out their great music (and like them on Facebook!! Oh and trust me, they're not just guys that play around in their Mom's garage. I played in Jazz Band with three of the four, and they were incredible then. Now, they have honed their skills, and have stunned crowds at Hard Rock Cafe, the Altar Bar, Indiana Theater, MINI Thon, and MANY other cool places. They have a CD, and quite the following. And if you're still reading this.. That means you haven't checked out their Facebook page, and you SHOULD! They're amazingly talented musicians. As for the session, they were absolutely hilarious the entire time. Some of their jokes had me laughing so hard that I couldn't even take a photo! I had tears from laughing so hard!! I cannot thank the guys enough for hanging out with me, and letting me take some pictures of you guys! It was an absolute blast!! :)