Becky Wilson / by Hannah Harley

Today on the blog, we have Miss Becky Wilson, a nursing major at IUP that just finished her freshman year. (Some of you might be wondering, "Why pictures now? Surely this isn't a normal time for people to have professional photos done?" Well, the answer to that, my friends will be coming in a blog post soon! In short, it is ALWAYS a good time to get photos taken!) Back to Becky! She is a long distance runner and works part time. If you know many long distance runners, you know that they say things like, "Ahh just a short 6 miles today. It's my short day." So needless to say, she is a hard worker. Not many people run 6 miles (on an "easy" day) because they all of a sudden started running 6 miles. She worked hard to be able to do it. Anyway, she is an outdoorsy lady so we took these photos at College Lodge. Becky is SUCH a bubbly, happy personality and she laughed nearly the whole time (special thank you to her buddy!). If you know her, I am sure you know that she is a sweet, sweet lady that is all about generosity, kindness, and caring. I'm glad I got to take her photos; just look at her grin!!