Caitlin Bidwell / by Hannah Harley

Meet Caitlin Bidwell!! If you're wondering where you've seen her, it is probably in my portrait portfolio (see here: She was the first person to have me photograph her outside of my family, so I'll always be grateful to her for that! She was VERY understanding and helpful that first shoot, and I am so glad she let me have another session with her!She is an actress based out of LA and from what I gather.. she is kind of a big deal. I mean, she has an IMBD profile!! (Check it out at: You might even recognize one of the photos on the profile!

Despite having a dislocated shoulder, she was able to do a session with me. She seemed to have a good time, despite her shoulder pain. She also preformed in the play a few more times with her dislocated shoudler. Not only is she pretty-- she is tough too!!

A HUGE thank you, Cait, for letting me photograph you! It was, as always, an honor! :)