Zolocsik / Boring Wedding / by Hannah Harley

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to Priscilla and Matthew!! It was an absolute pleasure to photograph their beautiful day of ceremony and celebration! From the relaxed atmosphere at the Zolocsik house during wedding preparations to the high spirited party celebrating these two, it was a delightful day filled to brim with love, laughter, and joy.

This is a VERY small preview of the photographs that the Borings will be receiving!! I have been so busy with finals that I haven't had a chance to sort through the photos in their entirety, but I figured they might like to have a small preview! :)

3V2A0016LOGO3V2A6570LOGO3V2A6684LOGO3V2A6335LOGO3V2A6837LOGO3V2A03803V2A7125LOGOSo much love throughout the day <33V2A7290LOGOAnd laughter of course!3V2A8527LOGO 3V2A8591The beautiful alter at Saint Thomas Moore University Parish! 3V2A8855LOGO3V2A6755LOGO23V2A46423V2A03273V2A9929LOGO

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :)