One Last Ride / by Hannah Harley

While I was shooting the Zolocsik/Boring Wedding, there was a delightful portion of downtime before the bridal party and Bride's family departed for the church. During this time, I was reviewing some of the photos already taken and preparing for the busy afternoon and evening. This was when Mr. Zolocsik approached me with this little 5x7 print. He had me hold it as he said:

"We're going to finish that ride."


He proceeded to tell me about baby Priscilla and the circumstances of this particular photograph. But I found their last ride to be such a heart warming and moving adventure. Maybe it's just because I am such a sap for father/daughter things, but I loved this.

When he put her in the car on her wedding day, it was one of those instances when I knew just how fortunate I am to be able to photograph these moments.


The beautiful bride and her loving father's reflection in the car they've been speeding around in for decades