My Neighborhood / by Hannah Harley

3V2A4541UNEDITEDEvery photographer I know has had to force themselves to go out and shoot for a project or a client or because it is a Tuesday. I was not feeling the creative juices Tuesday, but I knew I had to shoot for a particular project for class. But I was met with this sunset.3V2A4592

(That image is completely unedited)

It just so happens that when you feel like you lack the motivation and when you just keep going.. Sometimes, the sky lights up for you in a beautiful way, and you're reminded that you adore what you're able to capture. Life is pretty great like that.






This isn't the type of neighborhood you think of when you think of Paris' stone buildings, cobblestone streets, and cute cafes. But it's my home in Paris, and it's been a great place thus far!