A "forest" picnic, a Paris canal, a lazy Sunday / by Hannah Harley

3V2A4026EDITED Sunday did not go as planned at all. It ended up being such a wonderful day.

As it turns out, Giverny is not a free train ride away. It is one stop away from being a free ride away though! So close.. We decided to go to the Organic Market near Renne to buy some picnic supplies, and we planned to go to the "forest" near La Defense. It is a very typical Parisian forest. Manicured with very little wilderness.

We ended up with homemade cider from a couple from Normandy, homemade cheese, apples, pomegranates, grapes, and dried mangoes. We ate, delighted in the nature, read, and eventually we all napped in the "woods".

What a delightful turn of events!


After our picnic in the woods, we went our separate ways. My two friends had homework to do, and I wanted to wander around the canal I've been wanting to go to for a couple weeks.

Turns out, I may have over hyped the canal in my mind.






What a perfect Sunday to spend napping in a neatly trimmed forest before strolling along Paris' only (and slightly underwhelming) canal.