Reynolds Engagement by Hannah Harley

Meet the happily engaged Miss Jess Hann and Mr. Josh Reynolds! 3V2A3935EDITEDThey're actively planning their winter wedding and juggling their busy schedules while throwing in as much laughter as possible. For those of you who know Jess, she has a hearty and enjoyable laugh (and it's Josh's favorite thing!), so this shoot was overflowing with laughter. She even joked that she could be serious! Hahah it didn't last one minute!

When Josh proposed in the Oak Grove in Indiana, PA, he said she didn't stop laughing for hours, and he loved every minute of it :) As they get ready for married life, I'm hopeful that their combined laughter never stops. So cheers to the rest of their lives!!

Also, look at how he looks at her with such adoration!


Katie & Henry by Hannah Harley

Katie and Henry are up on the blog!! And aren't they adorable? I've known Katie for YEARS (she's my sister), and Henry has been in the picture (pun intended!) for 2 years. Katie is the greatest friend I've ever had, and I don't want to get too sappy about how wonderful she is because really, this post is about her and Henry!

It was originally tough for me when they started dating because she was my big sister and I wasn't sure I liked this kid. Even though he took the first bowl of Lucky Charms (it has the most amount of marshmallows!), I've made up my mind that he's a pretty cool guy. They're wonderful together, that's for sure! They're both basically fluent in English and German, and Henry has the added bonus of being fluent in Polish! (Katie's trying to pick it up, but I'm told that it isn't a language that one just "picks up"..) Henry is studying to be a lawyer and doesn't fit the stereotypical lawyer mold, and Katie is working at Bob Evans corporate.

We had a great time for our photo session (despite the bees), and they were GREAT about making each other laugh!!

Thank you, Katie and Henry, for making me smile, laugh, and have a wonderful time today and this weekend. You guys are the best!! :)