Discovering Old Gems / by Hannah Harley

Part of every artist's practice is archiving - it has to be. Keeping a record of what you've done is dang important. And it also means that sometimes you run into work that has grown into something. A fermentation process for art. 

And that's exactly what happened to me this past week. I was sorting through some files, working older work into a new system, and I came across these images, these self portraits from turbulent times.  

Looking back at these now, it's easy to see the lingering evidence of the internal conversations I was having. There's some sort of satisfaction knowing that these portraits captured that, the good and the bad. If even just for me. 

These photographs were taken between August 2015 and September 2016. 

I wrote about the emotional recoil from failing miserably in this blog post. It's worth a read to better understand where some of these images are coming from.