Open Studio / by Hannah Harley

Parsons MFA students hosted an Open Studio on Friday night, allowing the public in to our most personal creative spaces. It was a rare glimpse into our processes and the work we've created over the past two months. 

I think each of my peers would say that it's been a rigorous and trying two months. Transitioning to New York, acclimating to graduate school pace, constantly challenging our own beliefs and theories, long days and long nights.. It has been quite a summer of personal and artistic growth, individually and as a collective. And I'm grateful that this is the team I got to take that journey with. 

As the night progressed, I forced each of my classmates to let me take their portraits in their studios. Everyone (myself included) was pretty awkward in front of the camera (I mean, we're photographers for a reason.. Being behind a camera offers control and the beautiful benefit of not being the subject.), but they were good sports about it. For most of us, this is our first studio and our first real dip into the art world. It's exciting in an unparalleled way. Making moves towards bigger things, one step at a time.. And with these amazing artists.