Introducing the Home Front / by Hannah Harley

Over the past year, we've been inundated and overrun with media concerning this presidential election. From gifs to news stories to Facebook rants, it's been an exhausting and even painful experience. The frustration and confusion has been immense on all sides.

I took my own intense feelings and did the most comforting thing I could think of - I began to research. I spent hours watching YouTube videos, reading tweets, searching hashtags, interviewing volunteers, visiting campaign offices, documenting homes, collecting materials. Everything from Christmas cards from the cute couple, their daughters' wedding budgets, and poorly photoshopped devil horns. 

And now, it's far from over. In typical artistic obsession, I've become insanely fascinated with the political machine, and no amount of research seems to quench my thirst for it. I can't imagine bidding farewell to this project come November 8th. So I won't. 

Excitedly, I present the Home FrontIt's an ongoing project, perhaps a never ending one. It has been a wild ride, exploring these structures of democracy and observing it in action. 

I'll be presenting an edit in the month following the election - with scans of my research notes, which has turned into an intense scrapbook from a very confusing few months. So here's to the election, and for remembering that through it all, we are all Americans. Let's work together, friends. We got this, no matter what.