Updates and Upgrades / by Hannah Harley


In my last works in progress update, I discussed the prolific fall semester and the bodies of work I had begun. As I continue with these projects, I find myself constantly lamenting that no body of work could ever truly be 'finished'. And as DaVinci once said, "Art is never finished, only abandoned." 

But in order to present bodies of work that are more holistic of my style, I have edited and updated the Projects portion of the website. In doing so, I have removed the following bodies of work from this website: Perception of Perfection, The Wandering Three, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Surrealist Landscapes, Self Portraits. As you can see, the updated series (Table Manners, Between Here and There, Portraits of Ex-Lovers, Love in the Digital Age, and the Uncomfortable Piece) are more refined and conceptual bodies of works, and they reflect the work I have been creating these past four months and the work I hope to create in the future.. Wohoo!

While I have thoroughly enjoyed creating these images, I think that they, while properly technically executed, do not express potent or powerful ideas. I have come to love the role of art in changing an individual's perception of their own existence, and I felt as though these past series did not provide that introspection that I have come to cherish from conceptual bodies of work. 

As I move forward and into 2016, I am collaborating with one of my friends, who is a performer and poet, to dissect body dysmorphia and society's social standards that are infiltrating our internal monologues, which have created negative psychological effects. I am also continuing an existing project focusing on my grandmother. An incredibly personal body of work, I am merely trying to gain access to her brain as she grapples with the constant changes associated with aging. I cherish her beyond words and am interviewing her and collecting information in this documentary way, hoping to eventually create a multimedia piece. I mean.. How do you bring this impressive personality into one singular experience? I know I can never do her justice, but I hope to bring her to you, in some small way.  

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