Strasbourg and Fribourg / by Hannah Harley


3V2A3586EDITED This past weekend was the delightful combination of Strasbourg, the Forêt Noire, Germany, and a tour of a family run vinyard. These excursions are built into my program, and they're always quite enjoyable.


Alsace is a small region of france, but it is densely populated. Throughout history, there have been wars, political decisions, and other such factors that have effected the owning country of the region. It used to be German for many years, then French again, then German again, then French. It's all quite complicated. Because of this, the people of Alsace speak Alsatian and French.


Strasbourg is the home of many European institutions. The Council of Europe, including the European Court of Human Rights, meets here, in the heart of Europe. The quiet city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site, but that's almost old news in Europe. It almost seems that anything worth its salt is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Europe these days.


The streets of Petit France, their most touristy quarter, were beautiful.


After a particularly lovely train ride (I must admit that there isn't a better way to travel than by train), we arrived in Strasbourg for the duration of Saturday. We ate a dish of the region, a creamy chicken dish with noodles, which ended up being like my Mom's cream dried beef on toast but with chicken instead. A little bit of home in Strasbourg



Notre Dame there was beautiful, too. I've come to find that Europe has a plethora of stunning cathedrals. So no big deal, right? (Actually, it's still a pretty big deal.)


Hey, thanks, pigeon, for hopping in the photo


I love the canals of the cities I've been fortunate enough to visit. They're so calm and romantic. This canal had locks. Ohhhh, fancy.


After our stay in Strasbourg, we traveled to Fribourg, Allemagne (Germany). We didn't have too much time in this small town, and most of the shops, museums, etc. were closed cause it was Sunday morning. We ended up getting cheap and delicious coffee and paired it with apfle strodel. (I have no idea how to spell those in German.. Looking for a little help on that one.)


The square was pale, lovely, and so calm. What a great little introduction to the day.


The Münster Cathedral had services since we were there Sunday morning. Some of the group went into the church, but I felt like I couldn't just pop in for 6 minutes or so.


They used to pattern the sidewalks based on what the shops would sell. So you can see that this shop sold shoes (and still does!). It was used in large part to assist the public since most of them couldn't read.


And then we traveled to the Black Forest and Lake Titisee. That'll be up on the blog next!

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