Pantheon and Musee Rodin / by Hannah Harley


Friday! My routine for Fridays appears to be the most delightful combination of friendship, art, and school. My friend, Rachel, loves art, so we decided that on Fridays we'll head to the art museums (since they're free to residents of the EU who are students between the ages of 18-25). Afterwards, we'll go to cafes, discuss the art, then head to our Sorbonne classes. This is EXACTLY how I had hoped I would do Paris.

Today, Rachel helped me (thank you thank you thank you) do a money order in France. For those of you who have done a money order in America, you have probably tried to avoid money orders since. Well, my helpful father sent me a money order since there was a problem with my card here in France. Rachel helped me navigate the French money order process all before noon.

Afterwards, we went to the Rodin Museum and garden. Of course the Rodin sculptures are sitting outside, through the rain, snow, leathers, cold, etc. Theses masterpieces are enduring weather. Not only is that impressive -- that's daring!!










It was the perfect day for a jaunt in the gardens and a quick (and surprisingly cheap) lunch at the Rodin Cafe. From there, we went to our Sorbonne classes. Rachel's started an hour before mine, so I wandered through the Montparnasse Cemetery. Similar to the Montmartre Cemetery that I visited a few days ago, the Montparnasse Cemetery is old, grand, and calming.



It really felt more like a park than an old cemetery. Birds were chirping; people were strolling. There are even seats for reflection and judging on the activities of some visitors -- reading!


In some sort of reverse order, now I'll explain my Thursday!

The day started with class in the Pantheon. We learned about the decorations both built into the building and attached via canvas and sculpture. Unfortunately, the class ended (bummer), but it's just the beginning of what I am to expect from my 19th Century Art: Impressionism and Post-Impressionism course. We'll spend every Thursday in a museum, monument, or significant artistic structure.

Later that day, I had my first Sorbonne class! It was quite nerve raking considering there are 12 different nationalities in my class (including my professor's). I'm the only native English speaker! Yikes. It's fast paced and interesting. I'm hoping through 15 hours a week that I will drastically improve my French.

I quickly ran from La Sorbonne to my program, CEA, for a France v. Espana futbol match. They gave us free tickets, painted our faces, and sent us on our way to cheer on the French! I have several photos from the event, but most are film, so you might have to wait for those!!





Above: The Pantheon -- It's currently under construction

Tomorrow, we'll travel on a mystery excursion. I'll let you know through photographs where I've ended up!!

Until then, love always!!