2014 - School Entries / by Hannah Harley

As you may know, I am currently enrolled at Point Park University, majoring in Photography with minors in Entrepreneurship and French Studies. Sometimes, my courses ask that we publish our work on our blogs or websites to keep the online world in the know with what we're up to. I've been doing a lot of my recent work and projects in the darkroom using film supplies, but those projects aren't quite ready to see the world yet! So I'll entertain you with some of the digital images I've been grabbing this semester thus far! Some of the projects I'm working on can't be seen yet (they're a secret!) so be sure to stay tuned for updates! Thanks for stopping by the blog as always!! :) HannahHarley -20140208-7914LOGO

HannahHarley -20140123-2727LOGOHannahHarley -20140203-7486LOGOHannahHarley -20140208-7625LOGOHannahHarley -20140208-7623LOGO

HannahHarley -20140203-7436LOGOHannahHarley -20140123-2736LOGOHannahHarley -20140203-7427LOGO HannahHarley -20140123-2LOGO

Oh, yeah, did I mention that it's been a chilly winter thus far?? (But I've been loving it!)