The Glavach Family / by Hannah Harley

First off, I want to thank this hockey family for being patient with me!! I unfortunately got a sinus infection and have been out of commission for a few days, and Tammy was so understanding! I guess that comes with being a mom, huh? Anyway, THANK YOU! We had to reschedule this session frequently because of Western PA's recent storming, and it was SO wonderful to finally get it in! They are brought together with hockey because 3/4ths of them play it and they all watch it! If Mr. Glavach looks familiar to you, that's probably because he is IHS' Varsity Hockey coach (the one that took them to states!!). And the kids? They're hockey players, and I'm sure they'll be in an arena near you soon! Keep your eyes peeled -- I'm sure they've only just begun a winning tradition with IHS Hockey! Thank you for letting me photograph such a great family!! :)