End of the Year - Critique / by Hannah Harley

As the academic year winds down, I'm excited for the summer. But I have to reflect on the semester! I've created a gallery that has some of my favorite images from this semester. Of all the photo walks I went on, the one with Lydia was by far the best 15 minutes. She's from California and has rarely experienced snow. She was so happy to experience to fluffy white stuff, and I loved the images I got out of that short little session!

To demonstrate light, I pointed to the sky. For me, this photo showed a continuous reaching to the sky as the skyscrapers disappeared into the white sky. This is the PNC building with a large living wall.

The next photo (with the leaf and the red door) was done for a color assignment. I was proud of the composition and use of color. It was unexpected. Normally, green leaves are paired with more green. The red was unexpected and exciting.

In the alley way, we checked out the rarely visited street. I thought it was interesting to see the boarded up windows with light reflecting on them. If they were open, they would've been able to enjoy the sunshine. I also found it interesting that windows were built into the building, implying that the alley way wasn't always so dark and gloomy.

The Roberto Celemente Bridge is one of my favorites in Pittsburgh. Plus, the view from it is fantastic. I used the techniques we learned in class to do this panorama. Since I moved to Pittsburgh, I have fallen in love with the skyline (in part because my home is a part of it!), so any representation of the Pittsburgh skyline to me brings me happiness!

One of the cool statues I've seen in the many museums in Pittsburgh. A very triumph calvary man and his horse enjoying the comfort of a museum!

Emma is one of those incredible people that I've met here at Point Park! She used to dance (and from what I can tell, quite well) and is also one of those very kind people. She is my neighbor and is more flexible than most people I know! I've really enjoyed the composition of this photo and how easy she makes it look. Despite the impressive flexibility, I am always looking at the lines in her face. It seems to be a very classic look in my opinion.

Ahhh, multiple exposures! I enjoyed the assignment. It wasn't something that I immediately thought of while photographing, but it turn out to be an interesting concept.

Panoramas were especially exciting for me, and I enjoyed extending the scene. The day I took this, it was quite chilly, but it was nice to photograph in nature (for a change!).


Overall, I was able to enjoy most of the assignments we had this semester. It was nice to experiment with a variety of styles and techniques!