Day 7 / by Hannah Harley


May 12, 2015

The three tired travelers woke up a little later than the past days; we had a full day the day before. We went to the park's restaurant and got breakfast. Karen and I spilt a "Sunrise Fry Bread". It included a traditional Indian cuisine, fry bread. I had never heard of it, which by my parents' standards means I HAVE to get it. So, of course, I got it!

It was a huge dish filled with this fry bread, which was covered in refried beans, sour cream, cheese, egg, and complete deliciousness. It was so good. We were thinking of hanging around until the Indian tacos became available at 11, but Yellowstone was beckoning us.

HannahHarley -20150512-2090-2EDITED
HannahHarley -20150512-2090-2EDITED

But to exit, we had to pass through a shop... Forty minutes later, Haley had a four foot decorated arrow, Karen had a backpack, and I had a pair of earrings. Fools. We are money spending fools.

After some confusion due to differences in the GPS directions and the phones' directions, we got on the road. Pretty early on, Roxanne turned 40,000 miles. Tough to see them grow up, huh? :)

It was a heafty trip, another 10 hours of driving. While we're getting to be old hats at it, it doesn't mean it's easy for us. But the sights certainly got prettier the last three hours, and we enjoyed each beautiful view. Until it got way too dark and warning signs for falling rock, Bison, unpaved roads, and weather conditions got us a little worried. (Except Haley, who really wanted to see a bear or a bison at 10:00 pm...)

HannahHarley -20150512-2295EDITED
HannahHarley -20150512-2295EDITED

We dared the Grand Tetons National Park, which we didn't know until we found ourselves exiting the park.. It included a long, winding, unpaved road. It was beautiful at first, but once night hit, it became a little treacherous. It was filled with signs reading, "WOAH! BISON AND ELK ALL OVER ROAD AHEAD! SLOW DOWN!" (actually... That was the actual sign) and "Wildlife on Road". Considering the nighttime speed limit was slower than the daylight speeds and the fact that we were traveling through a National Elk Reserve... We heeded the warning. 

We finally made our way to Jackson Hole and Teton Village, neatly nestled in the flat land under the mountains, and we snuggled in for the night, eager for a new day of less driving and more nature.