The Louvre (again) and Sainte-Chapelle / by Hannah Harley


Wednesday night I partied hard. In typical turn down for what fashion, I went to the Louvre, which is open late on Wednesdays. The place was bumpin'.  In all seriousness, the Louvre is its quietest when it's open late, so I love to avoid the myriad of tourists. They're fun to watch, but when they get in my way of my view of the art while they're busy selfie-ing... It's not my favorite thing. But I got to enjoy a quiet Louvre.



Of course it was completely amazing. Let's face it: the Louvre is an excellent place to be on a Wednesday night.


I managed to meet up with my friend near the Artemis statue. It seems crazy that we're using the Artemis statue as a meeting point.




Some child left their rabbit behind at the Louvre. Aw, poor baby!


Might've been this child. He was dedicated to looking at the ceilings and rolling around on the ground. I could not figure out who he was there with. He was just rolling, having fun.

3V2A0077EDITEDPeople are always sketching in the Louvre, improving their artistic abilities and copying the masters.

Sainte- Chapelle 

This was one of my favorite sites when I traveled to Paris in January 2011. It was stunningly beautiful, even on the cloudy day in the middle of Paris' winter. We couldn't really see the outside of the magnificent 1200s since it was being restored, and as evidence of my Friday trip, the restoration is not yet done.

We waited in line for 1 and a half hours, and I was excitedly telling my friend about the amazing chapel. But they're still in the middle of this restoration.


It was scheduled to be completed in 2013, but they have reworked their timeline to hopefully have a November 2014 completion of the stained glass restoration. Seems like a pretty good birthday present to me.


There's dust all over due to the restoration work, and the rose window is covered for its completion. I was a little distraught about it, but my friend quickly encouraged me with promises of a November visit. Won't it be grand then?


Of course it was grand now; I was just moping. So just you wait until November! I'll get to see the amazing structure restored to its 1200s greatness!