Montmartre, Champs de Mars, and Friends / by Hannah Harley

Sunday included a lazy morning of catching up on sleep, but Sunday afternoon was jam packed with a trip to Montmartre. One of my new friends lives near Sacre Coeur, so we met outside of the metro stop and walked toward the "Butte" of Montmartre (also known as the hill). Since she doesn't have a French cell phone, we have to coordinate our schedules an hour or so beforehand. It's been quite the adjustment from the constant use of your cell phone to basically not at all. Wifi here isn't as readily available as in America and with the price of data here, you'd best believe we're not on our iPhones without it. So, happily, I find that I'm rarely on my phone at all. It's absolutely lovely. Except when you're trying to meet up with people. If there are changes to a plan, it becomes increasingly difficult. Other than that, being without a cell phone has been entirely lovely. I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. 3V2A0391EDITED

On our way to Sacre Coeur, we happened upon the Montmartre Cemetery and decided to explore it. The graves are beautifully ornate and impressively old. We stroll along, admiring the markers.




It even had a guard cat!! (If I fits, I sits.) I wanted to pet it, but it looked so content in the planter.




Okay, question!! Dear reader, what metal turns pale blue (see above image)? It was stunning! This robin's egg blue massive grave popping out from the muted natural tones around it. So what kind of metal is it??


Most had stained glass in them. The colors were so spectacular and so bright. This one shown onto the walkway and caught my eye there. Truly stunning.


3V2A0426EDITEDWe weren't the only people in the famous cemetery, but it was quiet. Everyone was respectful, and it had a feel more like a park than a cemetery.


3V2A0395EDITEDI guess someone had "Regrets" screwed into their marble slab. That can't be good.


After cafes at a cafe, we wandered up to the top of Montmartre's famous hill. It's a bit of a hike but so worth it.


Once we got to Sacre Coeur, the sky had cleared up to present us the grand white church with a blue backdrop. Sacre Coeur is such an impressive building, especially considering its location atop the tallest hill in Paris.


After that, we took the metro to the Champs de Mars to catch up with some friends and a Youth Event in Paris. We ended up being unable to find the Youth Event, but we found our friends. We ate cheese and baguettes, drank wine, took Polaroids, talked about art, film, and love under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. A magnificent Sunday picnic.



I also had the pleasure of being there for two of our friends' first Eiffel Tower light show. They were quite thrilled! Every night, the Tower puts on a show, but we think the intern was running the lights tonight. They were sporadic, and quite frankly, disappointing. Well, we have four months to see a better show :)


Well, there you have a little insight to the Sunday craziness! Wishing you all the best, as always. Thanks for stopping by!

Bonne nuit from Paris!